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Why internship programmes work

Dublin City University (DCU) believes that a student’s growth and development should not be limited to the four walls of the classroom. For DCU, student learning is boosted with real-world experience. That is why DCU has an internship programme for its students called “INtegrated TRAining” or, simply, INTRA.
The INTRA Internship Programme helps students become enterprising, skilled, and highly-motivated members of society. By bridging classroom theory with real-world practice, INTRA gives students a taste of how their chosen industries operate. They learn the competencies and issues involved in professional work and understand the direction that their respective fields are headed to. INTRA also trains students in CV preparation, interviews, and work-readiness, while providing one-to-one support as seen fit. Thirty-two (32) degree programmes at DCU have an INTRA component in its curricula.
Moreover, INTRA also benefits the university and the business community. Through the internship programme, DCU is able to network effectively with various industries, while businesses can readily tap DCU graduates who have the skills they are looking for. This mutually beneficially relationship can only lead to more learning opportunities for DCU’s students, domestic and international alike.
About 60% of DCU’s INTRA students transition to a graduate training programme or get hired by an INTRA employer after graduation. The INTRA Internship Programme is an initiative of DCU’s Student Support and Development arm.