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What makes Acsenda’s hospitality management program ideal for international students

International students can directly enrol into the bachelor’s degree program once their study application is approved. They do not need to go through the 2-year Hospitality Management Diploma course plus another 2-year degree completion program as is the standard practice for other hospitality schools in British Columbia.
The Bachelor of Hospitality Management program is a 123-credit bachelor’s degree with intakes in January, April, July and October. Students are allowed 4 courses per term or 12 credits per quarter for a total of 39 courses. This is comprised of 37 courses of 3 credits each and 2 courses of 6 credits each.
The 6-credit courses make up the: (1) 6-Month Internship Program and (2) Capstone Hospitality and Business Strategy which examines and implements strategies to support hospitality operations from a guest service perspective.

Acsenda’s leading edge

  • Focus on students’ professional development

  • Experiential activities, simulations of actual hospitality management scenarios

  • Highly-qualified faculty who all have industry experience

  • 4 student intakes per year – July 2018, October 2018, January 2019 and April 2019

  • Small class sizes where students receive personalised support and attention

  • Diverse student population composed of domestic and international students from 25 countries with highly-developed intercultural communication and adaptability skills

  • Access to stunning 360-degree views of Vancouver

  • Strategically positioned in a major world hospitality destination which is an ideal workplace for BHM students

  • Paid internships facilitated by Acsenda

International students interested in this course may contact an EduCo representative in their country or region or contact Acsenda School of Management directly here.