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What international students say about Maynooth’s foundation programme

“I’ve been speaking English since I was a little kid, but I found out that there’s so much more to learn about the language.” This is how Zumredah, an international student from Iraq, describes her experience, thus far, under the International Foundation Programme of Maynooth University. She has also been enjoying her Intercultural Communications and Accounting classes and is on her way to entering her bachelor’s degree proper in Psychology in the coming months.
Ha Mi of Vietnam sees Maynooth University’s environment as “serene and idyllic”. She considers such attributes to be very conducive to learning. Barely one month into the programme, Ha Mi happily punctuated her interview with a simple but compelling message to prospective students: “You should try it here too.”
Elisaveta of Albania also attests to the peaceful and welcoming ambience of the university. Asked how she finds her experience at Maynooth so far, she beams and simply remarks, “Awesome.”
Zumredah, Ha Mi, and Elisaveta are just some of the many international students under Maynooth’s International Foundation Programme, a preparatory curriculum that facilitates the smooth transition of international students to their bachelor’s or master’s degrees of choice. Like them, other international students from non-English-speaking countries can forge their paths toward a Maynooth degree by learning more about the English language, Irish culture, and the Irish academic style––all of which are part of Maynooth’s International Foundation Programme curriculum.