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UNL’s int’l students join Spring 2019 International Welcome Party

Some 120 new and returning international students attended the Spring 2019 International Welcome Party hosted by University of Nebraska–Lincoln. This was an opportunity for students to get to know one another better and swap stories over food, board games, dancing and karaoke.
The welcome party was a culmination of the week’s events which included an airport welcome, residence hall tours, new student orientation day and immigration check with the university’s International Student and Scholarship Office (ISSO).
University of Nebraska–Lincoln staff from the Office of New Student Enrollment welcomed the newest cohort of international undergraduate students at the Lincoln Airport from 1 to 3 January. The staff provided free shuttle service for students and their families from the airport to the university campus. They were then met by the university’s housing staff and escorted to the residence halls which will serve as their home in the next few years.
Approximately 75 students attended the new student orientation for details on how to make the most of their studies with the resources that are available to them, coping with campus life and adjusting to a new culture. They also attended info sessions on finding on-campus employment, driving in the United States and joining some of the university’s 500 student clubs or Registered Student Organisations. They also met with their academic advisors and got apprised of the services that are available to them.
After a weekend of getting acquainted with their surroundings and fellow students, all the international students enrolled by EduCo and its partner agents attended the first day of class for the Spring 2019 semester on 7 January.