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UNL offers 50% scholarships, paid research work

International students can still apply for enrolment in the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Fall 2019 intake and avail of up to 50% scholarships. They can also qualify on their second year to apply for paid opportunities doing research along with their professors.
This was disclosed by Julia Tracewski, marketing director of EduCo U.S. operations, after Nebraska’s enrolment application deadline has been extended to 15 July.
The University of Nebraska–Lincoln, or more commonly referred to as Nebraska, is a highly-ranked public research university that offers highly-sought-after programs in Business, Engineering and Computer Science.
Among thousands of universities in the United States, Nebraska’s Software Engineering program is ranked #2, Agricultural Engineering #7, Biological Systems Engineering #9, with the Engineering program overall at #80.
Its Actuarial Science program is among the top 17 Actuarial Science Centres for Actuarial Excellence in the U.S. The undergraduate Business School is ranked #44 with a 95%+ job placement in the university’s Supply Chain Management, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering programs after graduation.
As a research university, Nebraska has been actively promoting its program, UCARE (Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience). UCARE allows undergraduate students to get paid doing research alongside their favored professors as early as their sophomore year. Undergraduate research includes the arts, education, engineering, humanities and the traditional sciences like biology, chemistry and physics.
International students who are interested in the UCARE research program and get paid in the process should check out the opportunities available to them.

UNL’s notable alumni

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has produced notable graduates in business, law, politics and the military as well as big personalities in entertainment, sports and literary circles. Among those are entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett, Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams and Senior White House Correspondent Jeff Zeleny.

Warren Buffet is a famous business magnate, speaker and philanthropist who also happens to be the third wealthiest person in the world as of May 2019. He is the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and is considered today as one of the most successful investors in the world with a net worth of US$89.9 billion.

Now aged 47, Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams is also the founder of two of the world’s largest blog distribution websites Blogger and Medium. He is a computer programmer and internet entrepreneur who coined “blogger” and popularised the term “blog.” He was named in 2003 to the MIT Technology Review TR 100 as one of the top 100 innovators in the world under 35. He was also named in 2004 as one of PC Magazine’s “People of the Year” for his work in Blogger.

Jeff Zeleny is currently the Senior White House Correspondent for CNN and former senior Washington correspondent for ABC News. He finished his degree in journalism and political science at Nebraska and became a reporter of the Chicago Tribune, starting as a cub reporter and eventually covering presidential campaigns. As a newspaperman, he won a Pulitzer Prize with the Chicago Tribune. He then moved on to the New York Times in 2006 to cover politics and covered the 2012 presidential election before joining the ABC News in early 2013.
For a complete list of over 100 UNL programs, available scholarships, fees, IELTS and other requirements, education agents and students can check out the EduCo Course Finder.