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UMBC area top-ranked for tech jobs

In recent years, engineering, software, and IT jobs on the West coast have been declining due to excessive competition. This has led to the development of new tech clusters around the country. Baltimore—home of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)—ranks at #10 among the fastest-growing tech job markets in the U.S, according to ZipRecruiter.
U.S. cities were recently analyzed by ZipRecruiter on the basis of over 8 million active tech jobs around the country. The overall growth in tech jobs increased to 109% from last year. “The tech industry is no longer bound to the coast,” says ZipRecruiter’s Chief Economic Adviser, Cathy Barrera. “As a result, we’re seeing the tech industry expand out of the major metropolitan areas, and into smaller regional cities that have since flown largely under the radar.”
In Baltimore, the top 5 tech jobs are Project Manager, Software Engineer, Network Engineer, System Administrator, and Software Developer. The median salary or a mid-career (with 5-10 years’ worth of experience) is $105,000. Meanwhile, graduates of a bachelor’s degree make around $62,500.
At UMBC, the average starting salary of alumni holding a master’s degree was $80,000-$84,999 in 2016. 90% of students were working in a career related to their degree within six months of graduating. These extraordinary employment statistics are a result of UMBC’s emphasis on in-class practical experience, industry-relevant faculty, and internship opportunities for students.