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UMBC #91 for overall best value university by College Factual

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) was cited by College Factual as the 91st best value university for international students out of 1,209 colleges and universities that it has evaluated.

College Factual is a highly-respected site that uses outcomes-based data to guide students and education agents through the selection process and provides the tools to generate personalised best college or university lists. Education agents, students and their parents can immediately compare how their selected tertiary level institution stacks up against the others.

In its International Student Report, College Factual also ranks UMBC #200 for best overall quality education and #202 out of 1,288 for popularity with international students.

Over a million international students call the United States home as they pursue a most-coveted American education. It has opened many doors of opportunity for a good career on one hand. On the other, students also know that they have to invest a lot of time and money to pursue their studies.  It is essential that they choose the best educational institution that suits their requirements and addresses their expectations.

Choosing the best college or university that answers this need is the first step. So how did UMBC stack up against those educational institutions that also have international students? Here’s how:

On overall best value university

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (at #91) is within the top 100 for overall best value university especially for students from Greece (#15), United Arab Emirates (#16), Peru (#21), Philippines (#31) and Kuwait (#45).

The international student population at UMBC is currently over a thousand, which accounts for 7.5% of the campus population.

On best overall quality education

College Factual ranks UMBC #200 out of 1,240 colleges and universities in terms of best overall quality education. Among the countries that rated the university in the top 100 are students from the United Arab Emirates (#42), Kuwait (#70), Peru (#74), Philippines (#87) and Greece (#91).

Information science topped the list of the most popular degree programs among international students. It is followed by computer science (#2), basic developmental and remedial education (#3), economics (#4), computer engineering (#5), mechanical engineering (#6), general biology (#7), other engineering-related fields (#8), electrical engineering (#9) and physics (#10).

On popularity with international students

UMBC emerged at #202 out of a total 1,288 colleges and universities for popularity with international students. The university was rated most popular by students from the United Arab Emirates (#16), Nigeria (#45), Peru (#52), Kuwait (#55) and Greece (#63).

“UMBC’s overall score within the country’s Top 100 is a good indicator of the quality of education that it provides especially for STEM-related courses. Eight of the international students’ top 10 choices are related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs,” says Julia Tracewski, Marketing Director of EduCo in the United States. “And while an American education is not necessarily cheap, it is worth investing into the future,” she adds.