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U.S. Coordinators’ Asian Roadshow: Bringing the institutions closer to international students

Campus coordinators of highly-ranked EduCo partner institutions in the United States recently held a roadshow in at least 15 key Asian cities to bring the learning institutions closer to EduCo’s partners and prospective international students. The events were facilitated by offshore recruitment managers in East Asia as well as Southeast Asia.
Megan Evangeliste of Duquesne University, Alberto Guichardo of New Jersey Institute of Technology, Brent Schmoker of University of Lincoln–Nebraska and Rayann Ibasco of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County joined offshore recruitment teams to meet with education agents in key cities in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam. They conducted a series of agent trainings where they provided detailed information about their respective universities and its major attributes – key areas which helped to refine the agencies’ recruitment strategy.
“They talked about the key selling points of their respective institutions, the crucial admission process, key programs of interest, information about the cities where the campus is located and university as well as student engagement activities,” says Julia Tracewski, marketing director for the United States. “They also answered concerns raised regarding safety and job outcomes.” 
The U.S. team also met with several groups of students and conducted one-on-one interviews for those who have other questions not covered in their presentation. After the Asian roadshow, the team identified key issues as well as their insights regarding student preferences and priorities and made their respective recommendations to the EduCo US Marketing Operations.

Helen Fan, regional sales and marketing manager for Northern China, facilitated eight agent trainings and a one-on-one campus event at Heilongjiang University in China. All four coordinators were in Beijing while a separate event was held in Haerbin for NJIT. Ms Fan reported that all events have been successful with a good number of attendees comprised of education consultants, students and parents.
Victor Wong, regional sales and marketing manager for Malaysia, organised the agent events for Duquesne and Nebraska. He notes that Malaysia is a very mature student recruitment market and that agents are always concerned about their competition, credit exemptions, entry requirements, currency conversion, financial relief/scholarships and safety issues. “Brent [Schmoker] has addressed all these questions with his experience and his understanding of the American culture which is a great help in assisting education consultants to explain to prospective students,” he adds.
For details on degree programs in the United States, scholarships, intake schedules, IELTS and other requirements, students and education agents may also refer to the EduCo Course Finder.