Arbutus College, EduCo in Canada

The changing image of Arbutus College: Catering to students’ requirements

Arbutus College has been gradually implementing changes on campus to improve the overall campus experience and to bring about a more efficient and effective institution.

At the start of the new year, students were greeted with a pleasant surprise—a campus revamp—new desk-chairs, additional seating and a more spacious setup of the entrance foyer as well as the classrooms.

Aside from new and modern facilities, the College has improved the quality of its educational materials, learning aids, portfolio of lecturers and interactions with industry partners for the internship program of some courses.

High persistence rates and satisfaction scores

Dr Alfredo Vazquez, College Director, welcomed students at the beginning of the new school term and updated them on Arbutus College’s accomplishments and student performance, as follows:

  • 95.05% Persistence Rate. This score is an indication that students are moving from one month to the next and persevering in their studies. A high persistence rate also means that students are more likely to finish their program successfully and on time. 
  • 97.77% Student Satisfaction Score. This rating was taken at the end of the December 2019 term. Another satisfaction rating will be taken again at the end of the first term for 2020 and every term thereafter.
  • 94.51% Student Experience Satisfaction Score. This student pulse survey is conducted quarterly and relates to feedback from students on the campus facilities and the quality of support that they receive from the College. This score is a result of the December 2019 survey. 
  • 95.18% Pass Rate. The passing rate is the percentage of students who successfully completed their course against the total number of students who took it. This is a good indicator of the quality of input from lecturers and how students are able to absorb their learnings. The score is based on the December 2019 term.
  • 90.54% Attendance Rate. This rate is based on the actual number of class days attended by students against the total number of student days. Regular attendance during class hours is a must for international students who wish to gain recognition at the end of each term or at the very least do well in gaining knowledge and preparing for the workplace once they graduate. This rate is based on the November 2019 term.

Changes on campus

In the past few months, the College has undertaken the following:

  • Upgraded its Computer Lab and replaced the PCs with workstations for easier maintenance and monitoring of malware, viruses and other security issues. Dr Vazquez points out that since everything is managed in the background by a dedicated server, it is easy to install programs and even detect viruses.
  • Replaced all of the teachers’ computers with new ones. “These new computers have a very small footprint so it saves desk space for the instructors,” he says.
  • Installed overhead projectors in all classrooms.
  • Repainted all the walls in the college to give it a fresh, vibrant look—and bring about a feeling of warmth and welcome especially for students.
  • Refurbished the wooden floor in the Student Lounge to give it a brand-new appeal.
  • Replaced hallway carpets with tile flooring for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Installed security cameras to provide extra security for staff, faculty and students.
  • Brought in desk-chairs to replace the tables in the classrooms and provide more flexibility for students to move about. This change also made it possible for the College to add more seats per classroom without looking overcrowded.
  • Installed two new wifi networks – one dedicated to students and faculty and the other to the college staff for a faster connection
  • Secured a second fibre optic internet line as a backup so that regular operations will not be hampered. This means that if one provider goes down, the College’s server automatically shifts to the other one.

Key takeaway

Dr Vazquez emphasises that they have been making upgrades of the campus facilities and improving teaching approaches so that students will have a better experience at Arbutus College.

“It is important that our students successfully complete their program of studies,” he says. “We will continue to listen to their feedback and support them with the tools to help them achieve their academic and professional goals.”