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Support services tailored to students' needs

What do Cambridge International College’s Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) Program, Strathfield College’s Learning Advisor Consultations, and Southern Cross University’s Student Mentor Program have in common? All of them are one-on-one support services designed to help international students in their academic, professional and even personal concerns during their studies. All are set to help international students adjust to both living and studying in Australia through advising, tutoring and counselling.
They are an integral part of enhancing the overall student experience and of producing desired education outcomes. The personalised student support services gives the staff the opportunity to learn about the students’ and at the same time, this helps the student become more comfortable communicating his or her concerns. All three campuses have diverse student populations such that individual differences and preferences are highly pronounced. The personalised delivery, therefore, of advising, tutoring or counselling makes it more effective for support services staff to understand their students’ distinct needs.
The accessibility of these services to students is another crucial factor. Drop-in sessions and flexible consultation schedules allow students to avail themselves of student support whenever it is most convenient for them. This is especially important to students who take on jobs after class.
Support services often times help break down barriers to a successful educational journey. They go a long way in guiding, motivating and helping students achieve their goals.