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Support for Nepalese students in Australia strengthened

A large number of Nepalese students are interested to grow their career through the Australian education system. This was proven recently when they came in droves to meet with the EduCo international team at a convention of education counsellors, student recruitment agencies as well as existing and prospective international students in Katmandu, Nepal.
The EduCo team was composed of VP for Offshore Student Recruitment John Dizon, VP for Sales & Marketing Ali Butt and Southern Cross University Student Services Officer Fanglong Luo. All three were individually interviewed on Nepalese television networks as they shared their knowledge of the Australian educational system and what it could contribute to international students’ career goals.

Setting the students’ expectations

“We need to remember that it’s going to be a brand new learning, culture and environment for Nepalese students going to Australia, and so they need to get as much information as they can gather. They don’t have to rely 100% on the information that is being given to them. Right now, technology is everywhere. They could actually do their own research or connect with current students who are already in Australia so that they would know what to expect when they get there,” explains Mr Dizon.
Mr Butt points out that initially, international students find it a little bit tough to get involved in their new environment but once they learn more about their school and the extent of the services provided, they open up and blend into the new culture. “For us, the idea is to give Nepalese students accurate information on what kind of support we will be providing on campus and even before they apply, such as the documentation.”

Strengthening support systems

As an international student who graduated from Southern Cross University himself, Mr Luo talked about the services available to students once they’re on campus which also includes keeping track of their progress and study requirements. He also replied to queries on the various courses offered by Southern Cross University. He points out that it is important for prospective students to make appropriate as well as informed decisions about their future studies. “We have allocated relevant resources for international students. For example, we have our Academic Support Team as well as the Student Support Team that cater to the needs of our students.”
EduCo partnered with Southern Cross University for the overall operation of campuses in key Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to deliver quality education to international students.
Among the services available to Nepalese students while on campus are counseling, coaching on how to apply for a job and academic and career development training.
Southern Cross University’s Sydney, Melbourne and Perth campuses are all dedicated to international students. Faculty and staff ensure that there is the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of a home so students won’t feel isolated or lacking of a support system.
Various campus activities are also organised throughout each term to encourage participation and engagement among students. One of these is the celebration of festivals which are marked as important traditions of the different nationalities enrolled in the university.
“The Southern Cross University staff all know how important it is for international students to come and study and live in a different country. They are very supportive. They make sure that students are well looked after; any information they need or any help they need, is very happily being provided,” relates Mr Butt. “Even parents who visit are most welcome to come to the campus, speak with the coordinator and check the progress of their children.”

Quality Australian education

“The beauty of the Australian education system is that all of the institutions – the universities, and even the private colleges – aim to make the students become job ready. They are ready to grow their career and start their lives working either in Australia or back in Nepal,” Dizon concludes.
Southern Cross University, in particular, is in the top 250 universities worldwide under 50 years old, according to Times Higher Education.