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Study Destination United States: ‘Access to real-world experiences and industry connections’

According to EduCo US Marketing Director Julia Tracewski, the United States’ commitment to academic excellence makes America an ideal study destination, having the most number of highly-ranked universities which are also in the forefront of technological innovation. Students gain the skills to compete in a global marketplace and envision their career as they take advantage of their university’s industry linkages.
Ms Tracewski says she loves her role because she gets to learn about each of the six partner institutions, work with on-campus coordinators to promote program offerings and track the success of active EduCo students. Partner schools include Brandeis International Business School, Duquesne University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, University of Maryland Baltimore County and University of St. Thomas.
“By communicating with our partners, I gain insights on what’s happening on campus, learn about new academic programs, and witness student experiences as well as opportunities once they graduate,” she relates.

 A cultural melting pot

The United States is a melting pot of cultures with a population of 320 million people. Tracewski points out that studying in the US is a great cultural experience for international students because it offers them an opportunity to gain a “global degree.” They get to interact with a multicultural student body which makes for a well-rounded and diverse student experience.

Access to real-world experiences and industry connections

She adds that students will be able to participate in internships that will allow them access to real-world experiences and make industry connections before they graduate. “Our US partners [educational institutions] are committed to ensuring that their international students feel welcome, safe and part of the campus community.”

Tips for International Students

Her advice to students: Get involved and do what may feel a bit uncomfortable. “Much of a student’s learning is done outside of the classroom so students should take advantage of activities, clubs, events and volunteering opportunities within each school,” even as she points out that all the campuses have multiple support services to ensure that international students integrate and get involved at the outset.
Her top three suggestions for international students in the Unites States:

  1. Visit the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

  2. Get involved in at least one student organisation on campus.

  3. Try American food: the ubiquitous American hamburger and apple pie are national favourites.

For enquiries and applications to any of the US institutions for Fall 2018 as well as the next steps to securing student visas and arriving on campus, Ms Tracewski can be contacted through email: [email protected].