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Study Destination Canada: 'Living in a beautiful, clean and safe environment while earning a globally-recognised degree'

Canada is known for its quality of life and has earned top marks for encouraging entrepreneurship, citizenship and transparent government practices. Its multicultural population is a good indication of its inclusive culture, what with one in every five Canadians born outside of Canada but have now adopted it as their home country. With a literacy rate of 99%, Canadians are highly-educated, anchored on the belief that excellence is achieved through a good education. At least 54% of those aged 25 to 64 have either college or university degrees according to the latest figures released by Statistics Canada.

An incredible opportunity to work with students

For Neil Mort, his role as Acsenda School of Management’s President Pro Tem and concurrently VP for Enrolment and Student Services offers him an incredible opportunity to work closely with students, faculty and staff in the development of the campus community, student success and leadership programs. He is also responsible for facilitating domestic and international transfer credit processes.

A bustling urban centre with stunning 360-degree coastal mountain views

Vancouver – where EduCo-owned institutions Arbutus College and Acsenda School of Management are located – is a bustling urban centre surrounded by stunning views of pristine, snowcapped coastal mountains, making it an ideal place for international students to live in a beautiful, clean and safe environment while earning a globally-recognised degree.

Tips for international students

To make the most of their studies, Mort suggests that international students should focus and participate in school activities and contribute to discussions in the class. He adds, “The more effort you put in, the more you will gain from your education.”
He also points out that studying in Vancouver is truly an international experience where students will have the opportunity to meet and study with other students from all over the world.
“Remember we are here to help you, and you are not alone, so come and talk to us,” he concludes as he points out that the faculty and staff are always ready to address students’ concerns and be of some assistance.
His top three suggestions for international students:

  1. Take time to enjoy the outdoors especially the view at night from the Grouse Mountain where one can even try skiing. The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and the forest below it are also a must-see.
  2. Experience a culinary delight by sampling the great food choices on offer in places like Denman Street which is full of world-class restaurants and one lovely sunset by the English Bay. Grab one of these staples for a true Canadian gourmet experience: maple syrup, British Columbia sockeye salmon and poutine.
  3. Watch a game of hockey. It is one exciting experience one should never miss when in Canada.