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Study Destination Australia: ‘Unique blend of high-quality, affordable education’

EduCo International Group’s SVP for Global Marketing Adam Roberts believes that Australia offers a very unique blend of high-quality, affordable education in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment.
As a company executive, Roberts oversees the marketing and student recruitment activities of over 2,000 education agents worldwide and assists EduCo-owned and partner-institutions in Australia, Canada, Ireland and United States. He is responsible for the expansion of the company’s marketing networks in 16 countries.

Small Population, 15 Nobel Prize Laureates

Australia is a popular destination for international students because of its friendly, inclusive culture and high-quality education standards. For a relatively young country with a small population of only 25 million (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018 figures), it has already produced 15 Nobel Prize laureates to date.

2.5 Million International Alumni

It is ranked as the 3rd most popular student destination globally, having produced 2.5 million international alumni who are now working around the world, based on figures released by the Department of Foreign Affairs. Global companies like Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Eventbrite and Thales have significant operations in major Australian cities.

6 of the World’s Top 50 Best Student Cities

In the 2018 QS Report, Australia also has six of the world’s 50 best student cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide) with the best living conditions. It has a number of popular cafes, shopping centres, art galleries, and sports arenas for a multicultural population.
International students are given the option to work part-time while pursuing a degree. Known for its cultural diversity in terms of international student mix, “Australia also offers an incredible mixture of European, Asian and other Western cultures that provide a great platform for international students to prepare for their future careers,” Roberts added.

Tips for International Students

Roberts suggests that the most important thing international students can do is to get involved in as many activities outside of the classroom as possible. He points out that Australia is a great place to explore as he encourages students to visit wildlife parks, try new cultural activities or learn an adventure sport like surfing.
His top three suggestions for international students:

  1. Visit a wildlife park, pat a wombat and feed a koala.

  2. Join a university or college club and go on one of their adventure trips.

  3. Make an Aussie friend and get invited to a barbecue.