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Students get the benefits of a traditional American college experience at Duquesne and Nebraska

A recent study of student populations in US college cities has shown that Pittsburgh ranks second largest when it comes to the number of college students living and studying in the city with 95,436 students, and Lincoln is ranked the third largest, with 52,609 students.

That means that when students choose to study at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln or Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, they can do so with the knowledge that they will be immersed in an authentic American college experience in two of the country’s biggest college cities.

When we look at the percentage of students living in these cities and compare them to the general population, we can see that in Pittsburgh, 31.56% of the city’s entire population are students, and in Lincoln 18.48% of the city’s entire population are students. These impressive percentages demonstrate that both locations are student-friendly, vibrant and full of life, leading to an unforgettable American college experience for international students.

One of the fantastic benefits of living in a traditional American college city is that students still get to access all the amenities that come with big city life, but they also get the added benefit of feeling genuinely connected to the city they are living and studying in, making them feel less like a “number” and more like a genuine local. Living in a city that lives and breathes college culture, means that students can focus on becoming well-rounded in their studies, getting involved in leadership and extracurricular activities that help them make connections with their peers and foster a greater sense of community across the board.

At the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, students can get involved in the university’s 500 student clubs or registered student organisations, and at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, there’s 250 student organisations that students can opt into.

There’s always something happening on-campus in Lincoln and Pittsburgh, including a range of events that can be social, cultural or academic, and that’s the unique part of choosing to study in a large American college city, it’s an experience like no other.