University of St. Thomas

Sport an important part of student life at St. Thomas

Sport – whether playing it or supporting the Tommies – is a huge part of the student experience at the University of St. Thomas. There are 20 different varsity sports to represent the university in and nearly 60 intramural club teams to participate in – so students can either represent St. Thomas or participate in friendly games against their fellow students.

Athletics has been an important part of the University since it first opened in 1885. In fact, the current day school colours of purple and grey evolved from “The Blues” and “The Greys” – the top performing intramural baseball teams of the 1890s. And if you’re wondering what the term Tommies refers to, Tommie is the official name of the athletics’ teams as well as the name of their tomcat mascot.

All international students can try out to be on the varsity teams to represent the university. Some of the most popular sports to get involved in are swimming, ice hockey and soccer.

For students who prefer to watch their sports rather than participate in them, there’s some even better news; Minnesota United FC, a MLS soccer team, is building a 20,000 seat stadium just a mile from the Saint Paul campus. The new stadium will be accessible to students via public transport and will be a fun, non-academic activity to help international students feel connected to the community,  especially if they are feeling a bit nostalgic for their home teams. St. Thomas is ecstatic that Minnesota United FC will be a part of the thriving local community and it looks forward to a possible future partnership. Besides soccer, Minnesota is home to other professional sports teams including teams in the NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, and NHL.

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