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SPU Class of 2019 – what are they up to 3 months after graduation

It hasn’t been long since they attended the Ivy cutting at the Tiffany Loop and marched at the Alaska Airlines Arena for the commencement exercise and yet some of them have already been boldly paving their way to success. Here’s a snippet of what three of them are up to these days, and how they believe SPU helped them achieve their goal.

Clarice Liao earns dietetic internship at CUNY School of Public Health in New York

Clarice is relocating to New York to pursue a dietetic internship at the CUNY School of Public Health and Health Policy after finishing her undergraduate degree this year. “I believe that without the supportive environment that SPU and my professors provided, I never would have gotten this far,” she says of her time on campus.

Her SPU journey began when Clarice discovered her passion to help alleviate the plight of patients whilst volunteering at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. This was where she learned how nutrition can facilitate patient recovery and opened to her the idea of becoming a public health dietitian.

An international student from Taiwan, she enrolled at SPU and majored in Food and Nutritional Sciences with a dietetics emphasis. “I definitely love being a part of the SPU community and I thank God every day for bringing me to SPU to equip me,” she relates.

Clarice adds that SPU taught her to engage in community service through the Community Kitchen program of the Food and Consumer Science Department. She points out, “I really love how this SPU-based program connects to the local community and cultivates healthy eating habits with cooking and empowerment.”

Frank Tejada Martinez lands consulting contract in South America

An international student from Peru, Frank finished his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a double major – International Business and Financial Economics – and completed his Master of Business Administration along with the Class of 2019. “With the education I have received from SPU, I can now take my skills anywhere in the world. SPU has allowed me to think globally – working in Europe, Asia, or Latin America is no longer a dream but a reality,” he says.

While at university, Frank relates that the biggest life lesson that SPU taught him is to recognise that there is nothing wrong with asking for help and that no one can perform all tasks at all times. “It was very humbling but also empowering. It allowed me to stop thinking individually and start thinking as part of a team.”

He recalls that his favourite memory of SPU was the opportunity to study for one semester in China as part of his International Business program. “This was truly a mind-opening experience, as I have only been exposed to Western cultures all my life (Latin America, USA and Europe). I’ve been able to not only learn the language but [also understand] the cultural practices [that] truly enriched me as a person.”

His host university was in Chengdu but Frank also got to travel to other areas like Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, the Tibetan territory and Hong Kong.

Frank is moving on to his new job back in South America after landing another consulting contract. He had one right after completing his undergraduate degree in 2015 but he went back to SPU after a few years to pursue his MBA which culminated in his graduation this year. He says that this new consulting job will keep him busy for the next year or so. Eventually, he hopes to get employment opportunities in Scandinavia or Europe.

Salma Aly, finance intern at Boeing in Washington

An international student from the Middle East, Salma finished her undergraduate degree in Business Administration with finance emphasis as one of hundreds of SPU students who embark on internships to help prepare them for their future careers.

She had her internship at Boeing in July this year. When she joined the company as an intern, Boeing had US$1.3 million in unpaid invoices. To start the repayment process, Salma coordinated with various teams to hasten the paperwork. “I had to ask what we could do moving forward to make sure things can be paid in a timely manner in the future,” she says.

After cleaning up the data and recommending a faster processing option, she was able to get the invoice status to 99% current. This internship was her second at Boeing after being chosen as one of three interns from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates the year before. The internship is how she found her way to Seattle, and ultimately SPU. “I’m so glad I ended up at SPU,” she says. “I love the personal connection with the professors. I can drop into their office at any time and ask questions.”

An EduCo-partner institution in Seattle

With Seattle Pacific University’s focus in preparing students to achieve their goal of getting a quality education and landing their dream careers through internships and other opportunities, it is no small wonder why graduates are embarking on promising roles just months after graduating from university.

As an EduCo-partner institution, SPU offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as English and pathway programs to international students all over the world. For education agents and students who are interested in these programs, here is a complete listing as well as available scholarships, fees and other requirements.