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Southern Cross University issues GTE and admissions guide for agents

Southern Cross University has introduced a quicker and more efficient way for education agents to determine entry requirements for its Melbourne, Perth and Sydney branch campuses by launching the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) and admissions guidelines (GAG).

Education agents will find the guide useful in facilitating the GTE and admissions requirements of international students who wish to study at Southern Cross University Melbourne, Southern Cross University Perth and Southern Cross University Sydney. All they have to do is select the student’s country of origin and get a full lineup of the essential requirements.

Each source country has its own unique set of guidelines. With the implementation of this tool, we will be able to provide clarity to Southern Cross University agents and prospective students in determining the applicable GTE requirements based on factors such as the applicant’s current location,” clarifies John Crowder, National Admissions Director.

Mr Crowder, however, qualifies that the GTE guidelines are just a guide and do not guarantee a visa outcome for the prospective student.

Prompt response and assistance from education agents

By zeroing in on the essential requirements that apply specifically to offshore and onshore applications, education agents will be able to assist and respond promptly to the needs of their prospective students.

Education agents who are assisting international students that are already in Australia can go directly to the requirements for onshore applicants. For those offshore, they can type their country of origin in the section provided and review the requirements that apply to them.

For international students coming from Nepal, for instance, they can type Nepal in the space provided and will then be presented with the basic details and requirements such as the (1) statement of purpose, (2) conditional offer, (3) documentation, (4) academic and (5) financial requirements, (6) minimum GTE requirements for pre-assessment and conditional offer, (7) specific GTE requirements, (8) IELTS or equivalent and (9) the maximum number of weeks required for the ELICOS pathway.