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SCU Sydney’s Lana earns a place at Queen Mary University of London

Lana Nguyen, MBA graduate of Southern Cross University Sydney, is ecstatic after learning she’s been accepted to study a second Masters’ degree at the prestigious Queen Mary University of London. Gaining a place at this famous university, ranked 114th in the world, and in the top 20 in the UK, is a glowing testament to Lana’s academic ability, her work ethic, and her determination to realise a lifetime’s dream.

Lana also received offers from the Royal Holloway University of London, and the SOAS University of London, but decided Queen Mary was the jewel in the crown.

Hearing of Lana’s good fortune, and thrilled to celebrate this achievement with her, we caught up with the star scholar for this interview.

SCU: Congratulations, Lana. What an achievement! How do you feel about getting such amazing offers, and accepting to go to Queen Mary?

Lana: It is very exciting. It was very hard to find a good uni within my budget that offered my target course. Also, the admissions were very detailed. They emailed me back and forth just to verify my degrees.

SCU: Why is Queen Mary the right choice?

Lana: Among the three universities that I applied to, it has the highest ranking and most difficult admission. It is famous for its research activities and is a Russell university, which might be one of the priority options for employers when considering candidates.

SCU: Why a second Masters’ degree?

Lana: Firstly, I would like to change my career objective to become a financial analyst and London is the right place with a financial district. Secondly, I see the job market in the UK is bigger than in Australia, and there are sponsorship opportunities. So it might be the right place for my career future. Finally, my work visa in Australia is expiring soon and I have to leave

SCU: What course will you be studying?

Lana: Master of Behavioural Finance.  Lana shows us a unit description: ‘Behavioural Finance studies irrationalities in savings and investment decisions as well as puzzles on financial markets.’

SCU: Now that’s impressive. We’ll all want you as our financial advisor after you finish. What is your ultimate goal?

Lana: My dream job is to become a financial analyst, and I believe it will come true.

SCU: So do we. Talking of dreams, did you ever dream of studying overseas when you were growing up in Vietnam?

Lana: Yes, I did. I used to dream about studying abroad in the UK when I was 17. And now I have turned that into reality thanks to Australia. It was so much easier to get admission in another overseas university after graduating in an English-speaking country like Australia.

SCU: How was your experience at SCU Sydney?

Lana: Unforgettable. Even though it was not a really big campus, I knew all staff and academic advisors were trying to support students as much as they could. Also, I made many new friends, and learnt many interesting lessons which made me enjoy my study life there.

SCU:  What about your studies with us best prepared you for further studies overseas?

Lana: My English improved because I had to use it regularly. Secondly, independent learning because I had to deal with deadlines for assignments and final exams.

SCU: What are your best memories of SCU Sydney?

Lana: Interesting classes with some of my favourite teachers; ‘chilling time’ with my classmates, some of whom I still keep in touch with; our academic advisor, Jeff, who advised me about my first assignments, and still helped me out with a reference letter for my UK study admission; Kyle (Fanglong Luo), our student service officer, who encouraged me when he saw me on campus, and invited me to join enrolment day as a volunteer.

SCU: What kept you so focused and motivated all through your studies in Sydney?

Lana: My family and myself. I just wanted to get a degree, which I believed would be the pay-off for all my hard work and my family’s hopes. My family are very happy for me, and support my choice to study further in London.

SCU: What advice / motivation would you give students studying today, during these difficult times?

Lana: When you feel the work is hard, this means you are moving to the next stage. If you feel tired, just take a rest but don’t give up. I used to work and study 12 or 13 hours per day and 7 days a week, for a few months, but I would never give up.

SCU: Lana, you are a true inspiration to all of our students. Congratulations, once again, on your acceptance into Queen Mary. Please keep in touch with us, and let us continue to glow with pride at your ongoing success. Thanks, too, for granting us this interview.

Lana: You’re welcome.