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SCU Sydney welcomes Dr Bhattarai as new academic advisor

Southern Cross University Sydney campus now has a new full-time academic learning advisor, Dr Badri Prasad Bhattarai. His appointment was announced by Dr Jason McGovern, director and principal of SCU branch campuses.
With 15 years of teaching experience among Australia’s highly-ranked universities, Dr Bhattarai will use his expertise to help international students navigate the university system. He plans to organise relevant educational programs which are compatible with students’ career goals. This will include interactive feedback mechanisms to help students open up and receive the academic support that they need to cope with university life in a culturally-diverse country.

Bilingual academic support for Nepalese students

Part of his role is to provide bilingual academic support to Nepalese students, being of Nepalese heritage himself. He will also conduct tutorials in economics and mathematics to help international students stay ahead of their studies.
Badri, as he is known to SCU’s teaching staff, has been lecturing at SCU since 2016. His impressive credentials include teaching stints in the University of Western Sydney, Macquarie University, Central Queensland University, Charles Sturt University and Charles Darwin University.
Dr Bhattarai holds a master’s degree in Economics from Macquarie University and a PhD in Economics from the University of Western Sydney.