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SCU Perth experiences record enquiry levels

Southern Cross University Perth has been experiencing a very high volume of enquiries from prospective students, both onshore and offshore. Hundreds of international students have been actively seeking information on the attributes of the university along with its facilities to determine whether it is the right fit for them. This development came on the heels of the recent announcement concerning Western Australia’s migration scheme wherein the best and the brightest graduates of WA universities will be offered  pathway to skilled migration.
SCU Perth has been included in the State Nominations by the Migration Services Department of Training and Workforce Development as one of the universities whose high-achieving graduates may qualify for Western Australia’s skilled migration program under the new Graduate Occupation List.
“Since our Perth campus is solely dedicated to international students, we are able to focus on helping them integrate into Australian society and culture,” says Ben McCully, SVP for the EduCo-Southern Cross University Partnership. “We are also focused on preparing our students to be job-ready, and the initiative undertaken by the Western Australian government to grant top graduates priority consideration for skilled migration is a welcome opportunity to retain the brightest talents in the country and contribute to the economy.”

Picturesque, liveable city for international students

Southern Cross University Perth offers international students the chance to study in one of Australia’s most picturesque cities with huge inner city parks and sparkling beautiful beaches. Ranked by The Economist as the 7th most liveable city in the world, Perth has an enviable outdoor lifestyle and boasts an average of 3,200 hours of sunshine each year. The average maximum summer temperature is 29°C, with February being the hottest.
Sources on cost of living indices including Budget Direct, Numbeo and Expatistan report that local purchasing power in Perth is a lot higher than Melbourne and Sydney mainly due to lower grocery prices and housing rentals which take up a lot of the international student’s budget.
Perth’s local purchasing power is 7.97% higher than Melbourne and 11.09% higher than Sydney. Its grocery prices are 1.08% lower than Melbourne and 4.95% lower than Sydney while property rentals are 33.56% lower than Melbourne and 47.11% lower than Sydney. Restaurant prices, however, are 5.8% higher than in Melbourne and 3.85% higher than in Sydney.
The Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs allows international students to work part-time for 20 hours a week to help defray the cost of living. If the student who is the primary visa holder brings along a family member to Australia, he or she can also work a maximum of 20 hours per week and an unlimited number of hours if the primary visa holder is enrolled in a master’s or doctoral degree program.

Small class sizes, more student support

What makes the Southern Cross University Perth campus attractive is its smaller class sizes compared to other Western Australian universities. “With a smaller group, all students are able to have more fun and participate in an interactive classroom,” relates Regional Recruitment Manager Santy Ramasamy. She adds, “The faculty and student support staff are very encouraging and always take the extra time to listen and mentor any student that requires more academic support. This in turn helps us in harnessing their potentials and skills.”
In terms of nationality mix, 58% of Southern Cross University Perth campus is composed of students from India, 9% from Sri Lanka and 8% from Nepal. The rest of the student population come from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brazil, China, Iran, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Pakistan, Portugal, Rwanda, Sudan and Vietnam.
For enquiries regarding entry to Southern Cross University Perth, education agents and international students may coordinate directly with [email protected].

Affordable education, convenient location

International students are allowed to work part-time while pursuing their studies and may work for up to 20 hours per week to help defray the cost of their education. According to Ms Ramasamy, students perceive Southern Cross University as a reputable university providing affordable fees, averaging at AUD27,000 for undergraduate and AUD30,000 for graduate degree programs.
It is also situated at a very convenient location on Hay Street in the central business district in East Perth and adjacent to Swan River where students can take a ferry to other locations around the city.

Steady enrolment growth, new campus facilities

The campus is steadily growing since it opened last year. For this October intake, the university has taken on 75 international students, 40 of which are from within Australia and 30 from offshore.
To accommodate the continuous growth term after term, Southern Cross University Perth added more classrooms, upgraded its library and provided students with a bigger break-out area, kitchenette and gameroom, among the additional amenities.
For details regarding upcoming intake schedules, scholarships, fees, IELTS and other requirements, education agents and students can refer to the EduCo Course Finder.