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Q&A with Arjun Regmi, the President of the Student Representative Council at SCU Sydney

Enjoy this Q and A with one of our well-regarded students, Arjun Regmi. Arjun is a Master of Professional Accounting student and is the current President of the Student Representative Council at SCU Sydney!
Why did you pick SCU Sydney as your education provider?
 I chose to study at SCU because I felt it was a well reputed educational institution in terms of international student support. The integrated online and on-campus learning structure and convenient locations led me to consider SCU over other universities.
What do you love most about SCU Sydney?
 I am impressed with the homely environment at SCU Sydney. The Learning Advisors and the campus staff are very supportive and friendly. Tutors and online learning faculties are always helpful and encouraging. Also, the student support, the academic and volunteer recognition, and the student activities are amazing here at SCU Sydney.
What do you love most about Sydney as a city?
 Sydney has an exceptional and well balanced multicultural environment, which makes every international student comfortable. The people are very friendly and the weather is wonderful. Apart from the great infrastructure and architecture in the city, Sydney also has its calm beaches and peaceful surroundings. Above all, Sydney is a place with infinite opportunities for career progression.
What advice can you give students from your country who would like to study in Australia?
 First and foremost, it is very important to do your own research on the institution you want to study in and the location you want to live in. Secondly, it is equally essential to choose an education provider that offers good international student support and assistance, because being mentally prepared and receiving the right personal and academic support is crucial in a foreign country.
How has being an SRC president helped you and the students?
Being the President of the Student Representative Council (SRC) has allowed me to keep in touch constantly with all the students. We offer support so that students can seek help and advice from their fellow peers.
We work as a mediator between the administration and the students and we deliver our suggestions and concerns about student issues to the management of the university. Also, the student activities that we have organised are very popular among students.
I am privileged to be a part of the SRC because it has developed my leadership, interpersonal and communication skills.
What advice can you give current international students studying in Australia?
 Psychological and academic pressure are two of the most common issues students have to face in Australia. I suggest that students get in touch with the on-campus Student Association, as well as the Learning Advisors and Student Counsellors as much as possible. This will certainly help students to be mentally strong and academically sound. Furthermore, prioritising study over other distractions is very important as a student.