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Potential careers in 2.5 years from a Bachelor of Business Administration degree

With a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from Acsenda School of Management, international students can envision a number of career possibilities in the fields of international business management, marketing, human resources and accounting – and complete it in 2.5 years.
Acsenda’s BBA program is designed to prepare students for careers in today’s complex global setting. This bachelor’s degree enables them to study all of the functional areas of business – including accounting, finance, production, marketing, industrial relations, law, business ethics, business strategy, human resources management – and make them job ready.

Program concentrations and courses

The BBA is a 120-credit bachelor’s degree and normally completed in four years. However, classes are offered every quarter. Thus, it can be completed in 2.5 years if students take the full load of four courses per term or 12 units per quarter. They also have the option of choosing any of the following concentrations: (1) International Business Management, (2) Human Resources Management, (3) Marketing Management, (4) Accounting and (5) General Business Management.

Professional designations

Specific BBA programs have been articulated with the professional associations so that the graduates from these BBA concentrations may acquire advance standing towards the attainment of their professional designations: Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CHRP), or Certified International Trade Professional (CITP).
A professional designation allows graduates to set themselves apart and illustrates their professionalism in their particular field of expertise.

Potential careers from a BBA degree

Students gain a solid academic foundation in business management and strategy, which combined with practical experience gained through extra curricular activities and connections to professional associations and organisations, prepare them for future careers in the following fields:

International business careers

Graduates can join global companies or local businesses engaged in international trade, licensing or financial agreements, multinational enterprises, banks and other international financial institutions and various governmental organisations that deal with their counterparts worldwide.

Human resources careers

Graduates have a lot of career options due to the crucial role of human resources managers in hiring the best talent to match the job. Companies need recruiters, interviewers, headhunters, test administrators, employment managers, counsellors, career planners, training specialists, technical recruitment specialists, compensation specialists, benefits specialists, health and safety specialists and security specialists.

Marketing careers

Graduates may apply for jobs in various industries including advertising and public relations, market research, product and brand management, and retailing. They now have a shot at becoming brand managers, marketing managers, sales managers, advertising agency account executives and corporate communication managers. They may also try their communications and other soft skills at client servicing, public relations, social media, sales and entrepreneurial ventures like franchising, developing communications programs or launching new products and services.

Accounting careers

A career in banking, finance, enterprise development, managerial accounting, and management information systems balanced with good communication skills will sit well with global companies that are on the lookout for the best talent that could adapt to their corporate culture quickly enough.

General business careers

Graduates of this concentration will have a broad perspective as well as a wide range of job options from those identified earlier since their course is a combination of concepts learned in marketing, human resources and international business management.