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PayScale 2018 Report ranks NJIT among Top 50 for return on tuition investment

The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is worth the tuition investment for international students and their parents.
PayScale’s College ROI Report: Best Value Colleges for 2018 ranked NJIT as among the Top 50 colleges and universities with a high return on tuition investment, with salaries averaging from US$65,000 to US$85,000 annually based on the median earnings data of employees who attended college vis-à-vis earnings data of those who went straight into the workforce. It ranked #35 for in-state and #49 for out-of-state students’ tuition investment.
Earlier this year, Forbes also reported NJIT #1 in terms of upward mobility for graduates who are now occupying middle management positions in the country’s top companies. It topped the highest paid graduates list with salaries averaging US$119,700 annually.
Below is a breakdown of PayScale’s report on the median salary and job positions of NJIT graduates:

Project Engineer US$74,591
Electrical Engineer US$73,036
Software Engineer US$76,504
Civil Engineer US$65,274
Mechanical Engineer US$65,873
Software Developer US$72,732
Project Manager US$85,000

The 2018 report further ranked return on tuition invetment based on graduates’ major concentrations in college and the careers they ended up in, and came up with interesting results:




By school type

·         As an Engineering institution

·         As a Public institution

·         As a Research institution









By major

·         Business

·         Computer Science

·         Engineering









By career/industry

·         Business

·         Engineering

·         Marketing

·         Technology