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Pathways for DIT students: study group, bridging and foundation year programmes

In emphasising the importance of preparing international students for their higher education degree, DIT’s International Pathway Coordinator Deirdre Ryan draws attention to the various programmes available for students as they transition into their bachelor’s or master’s degree studies.
“Students will be supported throughout with custom-designed programmes administered by highly-experienced teachers in small classroom settings.” she adds.“We look forward to helping them achieve their academic goals on the International Pathway Programmes,” concludes Ryan, as she outlines the various pathways available to students, among them:

Foundation year programme

A one-year programme developed for international students who need English language and academic preparation to get into Ireland’s undergraduate programme, the International Foundation Program (IFP) focuses on four main disciplines: (1) business, (2) science, (3) engineering and (4) social science.
Students who successfully complete the course are awarded a certificate and are guaranteed a place in a bachelor’s degree programme of their choice without the need for a further English test.
The IFP is categorised as follows:




Standard International Foundation Year

IELTS score of 5.0

September 2018 or January 2019

Extended Foundation Year

IELTS score of 4.5 and below

July 2018 or September 2018

Bridging programme

The 12-week bridging programme is developed for international students who have met the academic requirements for direct entry into a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree programme but still need further English language preparation.
This means that if the students’ IELTS score is 0.5 below the overall 5.5 requirement, they need to get into this programme. Once successfully completed, students no longer need to take another IELTS test but can already pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees.
Under the bridging programme, students will get a variety of learning experiences including lectures, tutorials, workshops, cultural trips and online learning.

Study groups

The international study group programme is a short-term study experience complete with lectures and learning activities tailored to the international students’ needs, and opens to them a foretaste of a European cultural experience.
Participants to the programme will be attending lectures in small class-size groups. They will be learning with other international students and experiencing first-hand how things are run in the industry that’s related to their field of study in the only English-speaking country in the European Union.
The study group programme runs during the summer and winter months for 3-5 weeks and includes field trips to research facilities, company operations sites and historic landmarks in Dublin, Galway, Kilkenny and Waterford.

How to apply

Requests for application forms and advice on any of the pathway programmes may be coursed through EduCo’s country representatives in the students’ location or through the EduCo website. To download application form, visit the EduCo Partner Portal.