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Opening the world to students with an international degree in business

It is no secret that most of the top Fortune 500 CEOs – Tim Cook of Apple, Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway, Mary Barra of General Motors, Doug McMillon of Walmart, Randall Stephenson of AT&T, Darren Woods of ExxonMobil and James Hackett of Ford – majored in business, finance, economics, accounting or marketing while in university pursuing their bachelor’s or master’s degrees.
In 3 to 5 years, students graduating with an internationally-recognised business degree from a highly-ranked institution like Australia’s Southern Cross University can also go anywhere in the world and build their career in international business, marketing or accounting.

Desirable attributes

“Students need to find their passion and pursue it,” says Dr Jason McGovern, director and principal of SCU’s Sydney, Melbourne and Perth campuses, “and they can go anywhere in the world with their international degree.”
Dr McGovern points out that international students enrolled in a Bachelor of Business program have at least a year to figure out which area they’re most interested in before deciding to specialise in international business, marketing or accounting. Meanwhile, they get to acquire a broad understanding of business principles in a global context and hone their critical reasoning, professional and communication skills.
Interested students may contact the EduCo representative in their area to assist them with their application and visa requirements. The deadline for application is on 2 July.

Preparing for global companies

After immersing in attributes that will equip them for corporate citizenship, SCU graduates can now make a mark in any industry by applying the knowledge and life skills that they’ve learned in the following specialisations:
International Business
Graduates are prepared to respond to the complexity of global markets, address issues such as cross-cultural communication and negotiation, alternative market structures, variations in consumer demand patterns and differing government regulations and policies.
Graduates can use their analytical business skills and understanding of human behaviour and motivation to communicate and deliver strategic marketing programs effectively in the most cost-efficient manner.
Graduates are equipped with the technical, conceptual and managerial skills to be effective business managers in modern commercial, government, social and not-for-profit organisations. Accounting graduates are accredited by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and CPA Australia.

The next stage

The transition from new graduates to professionals is a road paved with challenges. But armed with a better grasp of their global environment, newly-minted graduates can find their space in the vast world stage.
Given the right skill set and values that are attractive to employers, it wouldn’t matter where they are or which part of the world they eventually end up after they have carved their own niche and thrived in their career choice.