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NJIT’s Forensic Science program eyed to advance New Jersey’s forensic science education

New Jersey Institute of Technology’s newly-introduced forensic science undergraduate program – the only one in New Jersey – has been well-received by its top law enforcement officials and leaders within the state’s forensic science communities.
According to Dr. Mathew Wood, director of the Forensic Sciences Laboratory at the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office, the introduction of the program will forge a strong working relationship with New Jersey’s public laboratories to advance the field of forensic science, especially coming from a university with a proven record of successful research and technological development projects. “New Jersey has always been a leader in the field of forensic science and with this new bachelor’s degree, NJIT will be New Jersey’s leader in forensic science education.”

Meanwhile, the job outlook for forensic science professionals is looking good and employment opportunities will grow much faster than the average for all occupations. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports a 17 percent growth from 2016 through 2026.

“In the past, staffing many of these laboratory positions has been a challenge, relying on graduates from out-of-state programs for employment candidates,” adds Wood. “Additionally, New Jersey laboratories have been burdened with growing caseloads and it has been difficult to develop and research new methods and techniques for forensic examination. Having a program in New Jersey will provide these labs with high-quality students to fill available and future needs.” 
NJIT’s Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science program provides hands-on training in field methods, which involve analytical skills and laboratory procedures currently used by forensic scientists in crime and investigative laboratories at the state and federal levels.
“This program fills a critically important and unmet need in the State of New Jersey: an accredited Bachelor of Science Forensic Science program, the first of its kind in the state,” says Dr. Kevin Belfield, Dean of NJIT’s College of Science and Liberal Arts. “This STEM-focused program expands our already-impressive slate of high return-on-investment degree programs for our students, and establishes NJIT as a regional resource for future forensic science professionals, as well as the professional community in the state and region.”
For details on intake schedules, scholarships, fees, IELTS and other requirements, international students and education agents may check out the EduCo Course Finder.  NJIT is a highly-ranked university partner of EduCo in the United States.