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NJIT’s finance graduate Priya Ravi lands job at global firm Goldman Sachs

Finance major Priya Ravi, who graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Bachelor of Science in Business on 21 May, is set to start her career at Goldman Sachs, a global investment banking, securities and investment management firm this July.

Priya will begin her career in July at Goldman Sachs (office tower shown in background).

Priya will join the global company’s finance division in Jersey City. She will be part of the controller team that prepares financial reports and ensure that the firm is compliant with Global Investment Performance Standards and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
She got the position while attending the annual conference of the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA). There she met with recruiters of many well-known financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs. One of the Goldman Sachs recruiters asked to keep her resume. “That night I actually got an email from Goldman Sachs asking for an interview,” Priya recalls. “As soon as I saw that email, I was so excited!” Three interviews at the conference were followed by three more in Jersey City. In October 2018, she received an offer to join the company once she graduates.
Priya was born in Andhra Pradesh on the southeastern coast of India. Her father is a chartered accountant and moved his entire family from India to Dublin in Ireland following his job assignment and eventually to the United States.
She thrived in school and eventually followed her sister to NJIT for her undergraduate course.  Priya’s sister who graduated from an information technology course inspired her to minor in IT. “I was fascinated by the cool stuff she’d be doing for her classes, like making apps for phones, web designing and coding. I wanted to learn to do that as well and discovered my newfound interest in coding,” she relates.
As for her choice of a major concentration, Priya clarifies that when she and her sister were children, she grew up seeing her father watch a lot of financial news on TV and read the business sections of the newspaper. He would then discuss it with his wife. “My mom told me that from a young age, I would listen to their conversations and ask questions,” she explains.

Internship, networking and campus leadership

Priya enjoyed her studies at NJIT’s Martin Tuchman School of Management (MTSM). She played an integral role at MTSM’s Ray Cassetta Financial Analysis Laboratory by writing the student manual. She was also helpful in the department’s Business Analytics Laboratory by providing support to users of Salesforce and the IBM software. As a Salesforce Ambassador, she attended the annual Salesforce World Tour in December 2018. While pursuing her degree, she gained internships at Moody’s and Siemens Financial Services and a co-op at Johnson & Johnson.
Priya believes that her choice of a minor concentration in IT and her involvement in campus organisations has helped seal her application. “There are a lot of students out there that just do finance, just do marketing,” she says. “But because I have that IT background, because I know how to code, that logical thinking aspect definitely helped me think differently — even within my finance courses — so it definitely helped me stand out.”
Aside from her internships, her resume is replete with campus activities and leadership positions in campus organisations. She was president of the MTSM Business Club, a member of the Accounting Club and the MTSM representative on the NJIT Student Senate. She also served on the Dean’s Executive Student Leadership Council.
Her greatest achievement, she says, is being an Avanade scholar. Avanade is a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. It is an international business consulting and solutions company that implemented the 15 for 15 STEM Scholarship for women in 2016 to celebrate its 15th anniversary. Priya won a tuition scholarship for three years as one of just five female undergraduate students in the United States chosen from among thousands of applicants.  “I am so proud to have had Avanade’s mentorship and scholarship to guide me through my undergraduate years and beyond,” she points out.

Future career goals

Priya is starting her career with her future goals in mind and her graduation from her undergraduate course is just the first step. “It feels really exciting! The hard work of these past four years has definitely paid off,” she says.
She plans on pursuing both a master’s in business administration (MBA) and a CFA (chartered financial analyst designation) in the next few years.

Details on Priya’s chosen concentration

NJIT’s Bachelor of Science in Business is a 120-credit program with major concentration options in: (1) Accounting Systems, (2) Management Information Systems, (3) Marketing, (4) Finance, (5) Financial Technology (FinTech) and (6) Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
The Finance concentration, which Priva has completed, comprises 15 credits of the 120 credit BSBU degree program. It focuses on financial analysis and risk measurement and the financial technologies and tools that analysts and managers use to make business decisions. Courses cover topics such as securities, risk management, financial statement analysis and international finance.  Recent NJIT graduates from NJIT’s finance concentration are addressing the need in the financial services industry for IT-savvy business analysts at companies such as JPMorgan Chase, UBS and Prudential.
For details on NJIT’s programs, scholarships, fees, IELTS other requirements, education agents and students may check out the EduCo Course Finder.