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NJIT-IBM partnership promotes ‘new collar' skills training

Since the fall 2017 semester, NJIT has been offering courses to students who want to become business intelligence analysts, business process analysts, and predictive analyst modellers. This is the result of the partnership between NJIT’s Martin Tuchman School of Management and IBM’s Global University Programs through the school’s adoption of the IBM Skills Academy Program. NJIT is the first university in the US and the only higher education institution in North America to implement the program, which aims to provide more people with new technology access and equip them with increasingly in-demand tech skills.
The program integrates hands-on learning and online instruction modules designed by IBM into the business and management courses of NJIT’s Business Analytics Laboratory. Data science, cybersecurity, cognitive development, and business are just some of the topics taught in the program, where students can earn IBM technology certification, industry-recognised digital badges, and academic credits upon completion. Tech-related workshops and boot camps are also offered to individuals and groups outside the campus, a thrust of the NJIT-IBM alliance to make tech education more accessible and inclusive.
The IBM Skills Academy Program also operates in 10 African countries and has already certified more than 35,000 people to become business intelligence analysts, cloud application developers and mobile application administrators, among many others.