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NJIT graduating students average three job offers prior to graduation

New Jersey Institute of Technology graduating students get an average of three job offers prior to graduation, according to NJIT President Joel Bloom. This comment came on the heels of the release of 2019 College Salary Report by Payscale which placed NJIT in the top 2% all over the United States.

Bloom qualifies, ”NJIT students are in high demand and our alumni enjoy remarkable success because we specialise in preparing graduates to thrive in what is unquestionably a tech economy.”

He adds, “Every major global industry, at its core, is driven by technological advancement. That’s why our students average three job offers prior to graduation and why they continue to enjoy great opportunities throughout their careers.”

NJIT graduates in top 2% salary scale in the U.S.

The report also placed NJIT in the top 2% college salary scale in the entire United States. Graduates of NJIT ranked #1 for state schools in mid-career salary and #53 out of over 4,000 colleges and universities across the U.S. in the mid-career salary rankings.

Graduates also rank very high in the engineering category. In a nationwide survey of both public and private institutions, NJIT placed #1 in New Jersey and #7 nationally. Overall, it placed #21 in the entire U.S. for mid-career pay at nearly $130,000 and #2 in New Jersey.

NJIT is one of EduCo’s partner institutions in the United States and is strategically located in Newark, which is considered to be New Jersey’s largest employment centre, composed mainly of white-collar jobs in insurance, finance, import-export trading, health care and government. It has over 100,000 commuters from neighbouring towns and cities daily. The state of New Jersey is economically diverse, with industries that that range from pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemical development and food processing to information technology, telecommunications and electrical equipment to the financial industry, printing, publishing and tourism.