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Nebraska, Duquesne open applications for Fall 2019 Honours Programs

International students who are planning to apply for University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s University Honours Programs have until 15 October this year to submit their application requirements for the Fall 2019 intake.
“Students need to complete the general application with EduCo before completing the Honours application,” says University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s International Recruitment Specialist Brent Schmoker, “and should be attending training which will be offered in the first week of October.”
There are 3 programs available for Nebraska’s academically-gifted students.

  1. The University Honours Program is open to all academic majors.

  2. The Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management is for students with a keen interest in technology and innovation.

  3. The College of Business Honours Academy is for students majoring in Nebraska’s highly-ranked College of Business.

EduCo US Managing Director Julia Tracewski adds, “The Honours Program is an amazing opportunity for our international students to excel and shine in the field that they have chosen. With hard work and determination, they will eventually reap their just rewards and gain access to the highly-prestigious Honours Program.”
For Duquesne University’s Honours College, there will be ample time to prepare. An invitation to join the Honours College will be sent to those who meet the university’s academic requirements and must be acknowledged by the student on or before 1 May 2019.
Interested students should also submit an application form to the Honours College along with the following: (1) a letter of recommendation from an academic advisor or a faculty member, (2) an essay by the student would like to be considered or a personal interview with the university Honours College director and (3) an official high school transcript.