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MU, the only Irish uni with EnergyPods

Maynooth University (MU) has just installed EnergyPods inside its University Library and its Access Office, thanks to the grand prize-winning proposal submitted by freshman Brian Crinion (BSc in Robotics and Intelligent Devices) in the 2017 MU Library Innovation Awards competition. MU is the first university in Ireland to offer these state-of-the-art chairs to students.
The event, through the #IfStudentsDidLibraries campaign, encouraged MU students to submit proposals on further improving the already exceptional campus library. A total of 40 students, including Crinion, shared their unique innovation ideas. Of the 40, only 7 were shortlisted to pitch their designs to a panel that consisted of Cathal McCauley, MU Librarian; Dr Alison Hood, Dean of Teaching & Learning; Dr Sandra Collins, Director of the National Library of Ireland; Lorna Dudd, Head of Academic Services at the MU Library; and Dillon Grace, President of the Maynooth Students’ Union.
EnergyPods are high-tech, helmet-shaped chairs designed for napping in high-pressure business environments. Crinion’s own struggle with long commutes, juggling academics and extra-curricular activities, and finding time to recuperate led him to his proposal. “I looked at the benefits of short napping during the day and researched ways of fitting them into student life. The EnergyPods were the perfect solution,” he shares.
Dr Peter Robbins, Head of MU’s EDEN Centre for Entrepreneurship, Design and Innovation was just as pleased. He comments, “The MU Library Innovation Awards challenges students […] to develop practical implementation plans. It is a chance to test skills that will be invaluable throughout both their academic and professional lives. […] Brian can be very proud of this achievement, and I have no doubt his idea will be of great benefit to Maynooth University students.”
Photo by MetroNaps