EduCo in Australia, Southern Cross University Perth

More opportunities await international students in regional city, Perth

With the classification of Perth as a regional city for migration purposes, Bachelor’s degree graduates at Southern Cross University Perth will now be eligible to apply for an additional year of post-study work visa. This means that from 2021 onwards, Bachelor’s degree graduates can now apply for a post-study work visa for three years.

“It puts us on a level playing field with other cities within Australia and creates another reason for international students to use WA to live, study and further their careers,” says Phil Payne, Chief Executive Officer of Study Perth.

In a document recently issued by the Australian Government, ‘Planning for Australia’s Future Population,’ Prime Minister Scott Morrison emphasised the importance of education to the growth of the community and the regional economy. He says, “We’re using our migration program to back our regions to grow and take the population pressure off our major capital cities.”

Effective 16 November 2019, graduates of Southern Cross University Perth who wish to live and work in areas outside of densely populated cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, can apply for any of the two new skilled regional provisional visas for skilled migrants. Based on the latest update from the Department of Home Affairs, graduates may access any of these: (1) Skilled Work Regional Visa Subclass 491 or (2) Skilled Employer-Sponsored Visa Subclass 494 to enable them to transition into the regional workplace.

In the latter part of 2018, Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan announced a new Occupation List, thus offering high-achieving university graduates a pathway to skilled migration.

Connecting regional Australia to economic opportunities

In acknowledging that the growing population from skilled migration is one of the key issues that needed to be addressed, he says, Everyone has a view on what Australia should look like in the future. But I think that all of those views would include new infrastructure and better services. The Commonwealth Government is stepping up to the big nation-building projects with rail and road both a priority across our cities and regions.”

He adds that the Australian government is driving the economy forward to fund the essential services and social infrastructure and adopting sustainable immigration policies to manage the population growth, particularly from skilled migration.

Impact on Perth’s international students

High-achieving GPA (grade point average) awardees at Southern Cross University Perth receiving their certificates on 4 February.

This latest development gives students of Southern Cross University Perth the opportunity to gain valuable Australian work experience by extending their stay with the post-study work visa and working for three years, depending on their degree program and the visa duration granted.

They will also be given an opportunity to bring in their families while working on a post-study visa. They get to share their experience of the Australian culture and living standards — what with Perth’s warm climate, diverse population, inclusive culture and relaxed lifestyle.

With the federal and state governments working together to bring in basic services, more jobs and investment into regional cities like Perth, international students can thrive given the same opportunities as those of citizens and permanent residents. They will also have an opportunity to bring new ideas and diversity into their workplaces and help drive economic growth that reverts back to a better quality of life for them and their families.