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Maynooth provides an avenue for int'l student bloggers

Maynooth University has been providing international students with an outlet to share their experiences through the MU International Student Blog. This brings together the university’s international student bloggers who share their experiences of Irish culture.
Kicking off this month are stories of how international students are settling in, their initial expectations vis-à-vis the actual experience of Irish life, cultural practices and traditions such as Christmas and New Year celebrations and the popular spots that they’ve been to in the Emerald Isle, among other things.

“Writing about their experiences is one of the ways international students can channel their creative energies towards a richer cultural and professional involvement.  As they engage more and more in campus activities and get to know their immediate surroundings, they not only get an opportunity to record their memories of their study abroad. They also get to hone their English speaking and writing skills,” says EduCo Ireland Managing Director Jacob Kestner.

For more stories about the international student experience such as arrival at the international airport, registration day and receiving a student card, orientation, knowing where to shop for groceries, getting local phone numbers, opening a bank account, cultural and gustatory events, learning a new hobby and experiencing changes in seasons as synonymous to changes in one’s life, check out the blogs posted by current students of Maynooth University.