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Happiest international student cohort in Europe

A student’s experience at university shouldn’t be limited to their classroom learning. It should incorporate things apart from academics, including developing their personal skills, having fun and creating new friends. This is something Maynooth University views as being very important and places a great emphasis on.
The University aims to create a welcoming, community atmosphere on campus through the number of support and extracurricular programs available. They also ensure their faculty is made of industry-experienced and friendly staff, which helps students excel in their academics when coupled with the small class sizes. In fact, all these aspects saw Maynooth named by StudyPortals as having the happiest international student cohort in Europe.
Maynooth University is located in the small town from which it draws it name, Maynooth. This heightens the community atmosphere of the campus, as it extends throughout the local area as the town embraces its student population. Students can learn about the region’s extensive history by participating in excursions run by the International Office.
On campus, international students can participate in the wide variety of extra-curricular activities available. There’s something for everyone – adventure, sport, relaxation and fun. The Student Centre and Sports Hub provide a base for more than 100 clubs and societies, overseen by the active Students’ Union. The Sports Centre is located on the north campus and has both large and small sports halls, PE teaching facilities, a fully equipped fitness centre and a free-weights room, and three full-sized playing fields. The south campus – St. Patrick’s College – has extensive parklands and walks in beautiful heritage surrounds. Getting involved in sports isn’t limited to the campus; the kayak and canoe clubs are run at the River Liffey and Carton Demense – a large estate near to the University – provides many opportunities for students to hike, ride their bikes or play golf.
The University has a number of support programs available to promote the welfare of international students during their time on campus. They can provide advice, support and guidance depending on what students are requiring. Students can also access the Student Health Centre, which offers acute and advisory services on campus.
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