University of St. Thomas

School of Engineering is the most popular choice for students

Did you know? The School of Engineering at EduCo partner institution, University of St. Thomas,  is one of the most popular at the University, with nearly one in six students enrolled in an engineering program or major. In particular, the mechanical engineering major has been the number one selected option for incoming freshman across the entire university year-on-year.

Dr Don Weinkauf, the Dean of the St. Thomas School of Engineering,  recently released a letter for current and prospective engineering students. The letter outlined this information, along with the impact that St. Thomas alumni are making on the industry. It also spoke about the plans the University has for the School of Engineering, which, spurred  by the continued growth in enrolments, has been identified as a space resource priority in the new University of St. Thomas Campus Master Plan.

For current and prospective students looking for additional articles, testimonials and project summaries, Dr Weinkauf links students to the St. Thomas Engineering magazine, which provides a snapshot of everything that is occurring within the school.

Read a snippet of Dr Weinkauf’s letter below, or click here for the full version.

We are building something truly special here in Minnesota! Enrolments continue to climb in both our undergraduate and graduate programs. This fall we will start our new civil engineering program to expand our range of offerings. At the same time, we continue to thrive with the normal flow of life in engineering at St. Thomas – a multitude of student research projects with faculty, collaborations with more than 25 industry partners in our Senior Design Clinic, and alumni doing great things in the world, such as Natasha Wright at MIT who was just listed in the Forbes ’30 Under 30” for technology contributions in the field of energy.



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