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Job prospects for graduates of Duquesne University rated “A”

Duquesne University, ranked #120 by the U.S. News and World Report 2018 out of thousands of universities in the United States, was rated “A” by Niche in terms of its overall value as an academic institution, course offerings, average salaries of graduates, alumni job rates, student loan debt and how much a degree obtained from DU is worth. Survey results revealed that 71% of students feel they are getting their money’s worth with a 79% graduation rate vis-à-vis the national average of only 49%.
Job prospects for graduates of Duquesne University seem brighter especially after a poll conducted by Niche, a team of data scientists, engineers, parents and “yinzers” who are passionate about helping people discover the ideal schools, companies and neighbourhoods in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania where the university is located.

Salaries after graduation

Median earnings 2 years after graduation is US$45,400/year against the national average US$26,913 annually. Out of those surveyed, the poll results showed that 25% earned less than US$30,000/year while another 25% earned more than US$64,300 annually.
Median earnings 6 years after graduation revealed that 25% earned less than US$37,900/year while 25% earn more than US$83,500 annually.

Job placement

Niche further noted that 97% of graduates have been employed 2 years after graduation and 94% were still employed 6 years after graduation.
“Duquesne University’s Center for Career Development has been actively involved in helping students plan for their career by providing opportunities for career exploration, internships, part-time work and even volunteering to ensure that they gain experience and industry connections,” relates Jim Panos, SVP for EduCo’s North American operations.

Strong alumni network

The poll also reported that 83% of students agree that the alumni network is very strong while 89% of students feel that the career center was helpful in finding them a job or internship.
“This is a welcome sign that the university is living up to its cosmopolitan yet caring culture, and our education agents all over the globe can confidently recommend Duquesne’s 16 pathway programs and 410 undergraduate and graduate degree programs to our international students using the EduCo Course Finder. They will be assured of a high-value education in a university that’s considered among the top tier of the best academic institutions in the United States,” adds Mr Panos.