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IT Sligo gets funding to build a €13.7m Campus Creative Hub

Dr Brendan McCormack, president of IT Sligo

IT Sligo President Brendan McCormack has announced that the campus will be upgrading its existing infrastructure to form a North Campus Creative Hub, following the approved €13.7 million funding from the Higher Education Authority. The Creative Hub consolidates the architecture, creative design, fine arts, interior architecture and design, performing arts, as well as writing and literature programs into one area of the campus.
Dr McCormack thanked Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh T.D., Minister of State for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O’Connor T.D. and his colleagues for their support. “This is a reflection of the high esteem this institute is held within the Government and the Higher Education Authority,” he adds.

Benefit to students

“This creative hub will allow art, design and architecture students to optimise the commonalities of the various disciplines in a fit-for-purpose, collaborative environment. This significant development is an integral part of the master plan of IT Sligo to grow to 10,000 students,” explains McCormack.
International students who are planning a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Design, Creative Design, Fine Arts, Interior Architecture and Design, Performing Arts, as well as Writing and Literature will now have an area designated for them. Once completed, the Creative Hub will bring together all students who have creative inclinations and improve existing facilities for better creative expression, networking and collaboration.
IT Sligo is one of EduCo’s education partners in Ireland. It is an idyllic coastal town located in northern Ireland which houses the memorabilia of poet W.B. Yeats, a pillar of 20th century Irish literature and Nobel Prize awardee.
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