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International students assured of safe, welcoming and inclusive study environment

International students at Southern Cross University, both current and prospective, are assured of a safe, welcoming and inclusive study environment in Australia. Under the guidance of the Council for International Education, Austrade developed a series of strategic messages focusing on six key attributes: (1) Diversity, (2) Employability, (3) Environment, (4) Quality, (5) Student Experience and (6) Visionary, all highlighting the benefits of studying in Australia.
International students and their parents will have peace of mind knowing that Australia provides the best option as a study destination, offering a safe and supportive environment conducive to study. Australian cities Sydney, Melbourne and Perth – where the Southern Cross University campuses are located – are great places to live, work and study, with Melbourne and Sydney ranked among the Top 10 in the Safe Cities Index, globally recognised.
Australia is one of the world’s strongest economies. Despite a relatively small population of 25 million, it is the 13th largest economy in the world and has enjoyed uninterrupted growth for 27 years. Its long-term economic and political stability is backed by a system of laws which protects the rights of every individual.

Australia has maintained a very high literacy rate. According to the Global Information Technology Report, it has remained at 99% from 2008 to 2014. CNBC also reported that it was ranked at #7 by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as among the 10 most educated countries in the world, next to the United States. Southern Cross University, in particular, has achieved an incredibly high rating in QILT (Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching), placing equal fourth, in the 2019 QILT dataset released by the Australian Federal Government in April.

In terms of university completion, Australia places third highest in the world. Its supportive environment ensures that international students are taken care of and monitored until they finish their study program.
Since the country’s education system is highly-regulated, Southern Cross University Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are guaranteed to provide the best quality education and support for international students enrolled in their campuses. Aside from the QILT rating, SCU is ranked number one in Australia for psychology, as the only University to rate above 90 per cent, according to the latest national student feedback survey.
On top of this, Australia maintains a clean, green environment by imposing strict penalties to guarantee low levels of emissions and pollution nationwide. Aside from its natural beauty and wide, green, open spaces and stunning landscape, Australia also offers a wide variety of socio-cultural experiences for a diverse population of international students in an inclusive, friendly environment.
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