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Clubs and societies help create student community at Acsenda

Acsenda School of Management is made up of a small, close-knit community of students from Canada and all over the world. This community feeling is further enhanced by the institution’s clubs and societies, all of which are student-centred and student-run and facilitated by the student services manager and faculty members.
The clubs were initially introduced as a way to help students get to know their peers outside of the classroom but have grown to become an important part of their learning experience and offer opportunities to become more familiar with industry. There are clubs specifically dedicated to the different concentrations of study, where students can attend conferences and further their learning outside of the classroom. There are also clubs that specifically focus on their wellbeing.
The clubs available are:

  • Student Society: All students enrolled at Acsenda are automatically considered to be members of the Acsenda Student Society. The society primarily is responsible for all student social and community activities including things such as talent shows, karaoke, bowling and much more. It also facilitates volunteering opportunities in the wider Vancouver area for students.
  • Marketing Club: This club is for students who share a common interest in the field, to assist with networking and to provide opportunities to participate in marketing activities and events.
  • Human Resources (HR) Club: The HR Club is one of the most popular at Acsenda among students. Student leaders actively promote the profession, invite industry-leaders to come in and speak to students on various topics, and attend various external HR events.
  • International Business Club: This club was organised to help students network with the community of international business professionals in Vancouver and to learn more about the field by attending events and hearing from guest speakers.
  • Communications and Writing Club: Members of this club consist of students who are interested in improving and gaining greater confidence in their written and oral English communication skills. The club also actively helps students develop their public-speaking skills.
  • Math Club: While many may dislike maths, there are a number of students (and faculty) who have a love for the subject. Math Club was set up as a way for student to get together to talk about the topic and share interesting new ideas about how mathematics can be better understood and learned, including how to solve esoteric math problems.
  • Running Club: Set up for students who enjoy running and want to see more of Vancouver, the club tackles many of the great jogging trails in and around the city.
  • Soccer Club: As soccer (football) is enjoyed by many students, the club organises for small groups to play together in nearby parks during the warmer months and in indoor soccer arenas during the colder months.
  • AcsenDance Club: This club offers an outlet for students who love to dance. It is Acsenda’s newest club and has been enthusiastically received by the student cohort.

To find out more about the opportunities available in- and outside of the classroom at Acsenda, contact Tanja at [email protected].