139in the National Universities rankings by U.S. News & World Report
64in ranking of public universities, U.S. News & World Report 2020
1Princeton Review's "Colleges That Pay You Back" (2018 edition)
6Global scholarships ranging from $2,000/year to $15,000/year

University of NebraskaLincoln is one of the leading research and teaching institutions in the United States, ranked #64 in the U.S. News & World Report’s Top Public Schools list. It is also considered the intellectual centre of the state of Nebraska. The university has also earned a reputation for being a research-based service “provider” not only to Nebraska but to the world because of its mission to broaden global knowledge in the sciences and humanities. Its faculty of accomplished scientists and scholars dedicate themselves to guiding students towards success while contributing to the world’s body of research.

Nebraska has 10 different colleges spanning the natural sciences, architecture, engineering, business, arts and human sciences among other fields. It offers sophisticated programs because of the integration of multicultural dimensions into its programs. The university’s curricula are designed to foster critical thinking within a global framework, an appreciation of varied cultures and a desire for lifelong learning. Since Nebraska recognises the diversity of backgrounds and respects individual differences, students also enjoy the campus’ atmosphere of inclusivity.

University of NebraskaLincoln is an EduCo International partner university.

  • “I had a great impression of Nebraska when I visited my brother who was teaching a class on campus at the time. I was looking for a place that values technology. Since I have several friends as well as relatives who graduated from the engineering college, I knew Nebraska's engineering program fulfilled this requirement. For me, the best thing about being a Husker is the value the university puts on innovation. Also, there is so much going on in the university and in Lincoln that every person can find something fulfilling and fun to do.”

    - Heitor Castro

    Generation Google Scholar, Microsoft Software Engineer, Nebraska Alum

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