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One of the best career placement programs in Canada

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Since 2002, Arbutus College has been giving students from around the world the warmest welcome to Vancouver, Canada. More than just a place to kick-start your international education and career, Arbutus College feels like your family home – away from home.

It has a strong reputation for encouraging students to learn both in the classroom and in practice. The co-op placement program – where students have the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge in a real-world work placement – has been acknowledged as one of the best in Canada. 

At Arbutus, students can choose to specialise in hospitality management, business management, marketing, international trade or translation. 

Study schedules are flexible, allowing students to manage the timing of their studies as well as part-time work commitments while completing their studies.

Studying with Arbutus comes with the added benefit of living in the city of Vancouver, considered one of the world’s most liveable and famous for its natural beauty, as well as its vibrant art, food and music scene. 

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