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Study in one of the world’s most vibrant and liveable cities


Specialist education in business, accounting or marketing


High-profile business connections

More about CIC Higher Education

Set in the heart of Melbourne, one of Australia’s largest and most vibrant cities, CIC Higher Education combines all the lifestyle and cultural benefits of big city living with a tailored and personal learning experience. 

With just 1,000 students, CIC provides an intimate and ultra-flexible learning environment where the needs of students are put first and where they have a voice at every level.

Providing a specialist education in accounting, marketing and business management degrees, CIC’s focused course offering means it has the ability to invest in high-quality tools and resources in these areas.  

A key feature of CIC’s program is its emphasis on teamwork and employability skills, ensuring graduates are job-ready at the end of their study. 

CIC’s small class sizes also means it is able to maintain closer relationships with students. It offers extensive student support services, ranging from cultural transition programs and career assistance through to networking opportunities and social events. Students will be cuddling kangaroos and koalas one day, and participating in job clinics or hearing from industry partners the next. 

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