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Industry exposure trips enhance learning for Hospitality Management students of Arbutus College

International students enrolled in Hospitality Management programs in Arbutus College have welcomed their field trips to various hospitality industry sectors.
Dr Alfredo Vazquez, director of Arbutus College, says that the feedback from students is that Hospitality Management is a robust and solid program taught in an interesting manner. He adds that the exposure trips “not only help them see first-hand how hotel operations are run and managed but also give them the opportunity to make industry connections.”

Arbutus College is a British Columbia Education Quality Assurance (EQA)-designated institution and is accredited by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) which has been providing co-op placement opportunities. It is also affiliated with the Canadian Institute of Management, Forum for International Trade Training and the American Hotel and Lodging Association.
Dr Vazquez further notes that many students who have previously been working in another industry have switched careers and embraced the hotel and restaurant industry. “Many have also found jobs through the connections they made while on these field trips,” he adds. He also points out that students feel that the program is enhanced by their instructors’ passion for teaching along with their knowledge and decades of experience of the industry.
International student Praeladda Sivathavorn says that she already planned on taking up Hospitality Management prior to deciding where to study. “Because Arbutus College was highly recommended by international education agencies, I went for it.”
Today, she’s thankful that she has vastly improved her English-speaking skills and made many international friends that she spends a lot of time with. “I feel really prepared to take on a career in the hotel industry because of my hospitality management classes and my English communication skills,” she relates. “Arbutus College is not only my school but is also my second home. Vancouver is such a lovely place with all the nice people and all its beautiful spots like Kitsilano Beach!” she adds for good measure.

North American management and concepts in action

Dr Vazquez says that Hospitality Management students largely benefit from North American concepts and management styles which are not only modern and relevant but are used as the industry benchmark the world over. He adds that student diversity in class enables collaborative learning to take place. “Students return to their home countries with more than one solution to a problem. They can implement what they’ve earned into their new workplace. This series of quick improvements enable them to get a head start in their careers as well,” he qualifies.
What makes the Arbutus College’s Hospitality Management program stand out? According to Dr Vazquez, learning is further enhanced by field trips to top-class hotels and restaurants.
The contacts that they make with industry professionals while out on field trips also enable them to secure jobs. Apart from this, the College has partnered up with one of the most established placement agencies in Vancouver that specialises in matching international students in jobs that fit their skills and interests.

For details on the Hospitality Management program options, available scholarships, fees, IELTS and other requirements, education agents and students can check out the EduCo Course Finder.