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How Acsenda lives by “international thinking, individual focus”

Acsenda School of Management is a private educational institution that delivers high-quality programs in hospitality management and business administration with concentrations in accounting, marketing, human resources, international business and general business. Unlike most business schools and universities, however, Acsenda uses a two-pronged approach to teaching and bringing about successful learning outcomes—”International thinking” and “Individual focus”.
International thinking
Acsenda is a multicultural hub of career-driven, business-minded individuals who come from all over the world. It is common for classroom discussions and student engagement activities to elicit a rich intercultural exchange of ideas and perspectives that effectively lead to a shared global mindset among students and faculty alike. In addition, programs on offer drill down on the international landscape of hospitality and business administration, where global trends and best practices worldwide are discussed. This ensures that students attain sharp fluency in their chosen fields of study and become prepared for their careers wherever in the world they choose to pursue it.
Individual focus
At the same time, Acsenda’s well-intentioned, experienced faculty are not only specialists in their respective fields but experts in assessing the individual learning needs of each student. They carefully follow each student’s progress and cleverly adjust their teaching style in a way that best applies to each student. More importantly, they are approachable mentors who genuinely care about student success in the classroom as well as in the workplace.
This is how Acsenda School of Management practices its motto—International thinking. Individual Focus. Learn more about why an increasing number of international students choose Acsenda by visiting their page here.