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Hospitality study with paid internships

As Acsenda School of Management prepares to announce the partnership with Canadian hotels in November for its Hospitality Management Internship Course, international students who have completed half of their Bachelor of Hospitality Management units will be eligible to apply. They are encouraged to sharpen their skills, prepare their resumes and get ready – with Acsenda’s assistance – for the April 2019 launch.
Dr Stephen Lynch, Dean of the Bachelor of Hospitality Management program, relates: “With over 20 years of post-secondary teaching and working with hospitality industry leaders, I have observed that this industry is changing dramatically. We have worked with business leaders to create a management degree that develops new sets of skills to meet the demands of the industry now and in the future. Our internship program is crucial to developing students’ leadership potentials as they get trained to address issues and provide solutions in real time.”

Benefits of internship

Internships provide the opportunity for students to acquire actual work experience in the industry and apply their learning into practice. This is particularly important for international students studying in Canada to understand how important it is. An internship provides them with the opportunity to discover where their skills are most suitable, which can help them decide the area of the hospitality management industry that they would like to pursue after graduation.
The internship program also provides students with the opportunity to learn from highly-experienced colleagues (permanent full-time or part-time company employees), and company managers and executives. They will be able to observe and experience the organisation’s culture and the Canadian work style.
BHM students will complete a 6-month internship program that will enrich their classroom learning and prepare them for a leadership track in the hospitality industry. They will also gain opportunities to build their industry connections and prepare them for Canada’s globally-oriented workplace.

Key takeaway

Under the internship program, international students will be working with their company manager to identify an onsite project that will expand their learning and employer interaction. They will then present their insights from their work experience to their supervisors/managers and fellow students to reinforce positive learnings and identify opportunities for possible workplace improvement. Best of all, they get the actual work experience!