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Graduates talk about their experience at Acsenda

Below, you can read more from graduates about their experience at Acsenda School of Management including what their favourite aspects were about studying at the Vancouver-based institution and how it has helped them take the first step in their careers.
Trixie, Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting) ‘17
The first time I stepped foot into Acsenda, I felt that the staff and instructors were very warm and welcoming, as well as helpful. In addition, the diverse student population helped me learn how to respect cultural differences and to work in a multicultural environment. Moreover, the small class sizes allow for close interaction among students and enable instructors to provide personal attention to individual students.
I learned much during my time at Acsenda, not only academically but also lessons about life such as not giving up and always being positive under any circumstances. The BBA program developed my self-confidence, grow as an individual, and understand how things work in the real world and to be equipped for my long and short career goals.
Since graduating in March 2017, I’ve secured a job with Scotiabank and have been able to apply the knowledge and skills I gained at Acsenda. Staff, professors and my fellow course mates at Acsenda helped me to become the person I wanted to be.
Jashanjit Singh, Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting)
I wanted to embark on a program of study that challenged me to do something extraordinary. Therefore when I heard about Acsenda, I decided to sign up for the BBA program in Accounting.
During my three years at Acsenda, I encountered some turbulent times. However I did not lose focus — because of the consistent guidance and support from the professors and staff at Acsenda.
In the BBA program, I learned how to organize and balance my personal life with my studies. The journey taught me how to fall down, get back up and repeat until I became stronger. I learned that if a person is determined to improve himself, nothing in this world can stop him from achieving what he wants.
Since completing my BBA program, I have been working as a marketing officer with a large private college in Vancouver. Importantly, I am also fulfilling my passion and doing things that I’ve always wanted to do.