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Global Video Editor Shane Creevy credits MU for career success

MU alumnus Shane Creevy is an outstanding Global Video Editor at Storyful—an international social intelligence and news agency—thanks to MU’s arts programme. He shares, “Friends I met opened up various intellectual parts of my world. At Maynooth, I was constantly learning and bouncing off [ideas with] other people. It brings you that much further along.” His studies and training proved even more useful when he started leading teams in Dublin, Hong Kong, Sydney and New York. “The biggest newsrooms around the world rely on us. For them, with Storyful, they get another newsroom within their newsroom,” he adds.
It takes sharp, journalistic sense to filter out the “noise from news” in his job, but Creevy’s Maynooth education helps him deliver. Creevy studied Bachelor of Arts in English, Philosophy and Music and Master of Arts in English at MU. He also took the Summer Programme for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) at MU where he conducted research for literary projects with Prof. Chris Monash, Prof. Colin Graham and Dr. Tom Hubbard.
MU’s Arts programme effectively instils critical-thinking, analysis and communication skills to help students approach problems and ideas with new perspectives. Its graduates become flexible thinkers prepared for the interdisciplinary challenges of today’s workplace. In a world where fake news, internet privacy issues, xenophobia, terrorism and other pressing concerns abound, MU’s Arts programme educates its students to think deeply, globally, and ethically.
Original photo courtesy of Maynooth University