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Global agent events for EduCo’s study destinations—consolidating strengths for a better student experience

The year 2020 promises to be another busy one for EduCo and its agent partners in various parts of the globe. Regional coordinators in South Asia have been holding agent events on the advantages of Canada as a study destination. These events were organised in Bangladesh by Regional Recruitment Manager Shams Farhat on 22 January; in Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan by Regional Recruitment Manager for Australia and Canada Arslan Shamim on 24-25 January and in Nepal by Regional Recruitment Manager Pragya Shah on 27-28 January.

Canada, one of the world’s top study destinations, emerged at the top of recommendations by education agents in 2019 based on ICEF’s i-graduate Agent Barometer.

Director of Student Recruitment and Marketing (Onshore) Lidija Lazarevic and (Offshore) Tanja Milosevic of the EduCo in Canada team recently attended the 11th ICEF Conference in the United States with a delegation of at least 600 educators, student recruitment agents and education service providers. The dynamic duo met with agents covering institutions in the North American region and held 30-minute back-to back meetings to liaise with as many education agents as possible.

Why hold agent events?

EduCo has 15 owned and partner institutions throughout all four study destinations and each one has its unique feature that may appeal to students and parents looking for their best study abroad option. The following are some of the reasons these events mutually benefit education providers and education counsellors.

Cascading information. Each institution’s unique attribute distinguishes it from the rest, and this needs to be communicated to education agents so that they can also cascade the information down to their staff who are in direct contact with prospective students. In Canada, for instance, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reported a 16% growth in international student enrolment, a good indication of the government’s friendly immigration policies especially with readily accessible visas for students.

Providing personalised support. While students can do their own research on their chosen college and study destination, education agents can support them in completing their application requirements down the line.

Armed with vital and accurate information, agents will be in a better position to advise students of the best study options available to them.

Building stronger networks with education partners and providers. With hundreds of employees across continents, education agents can easily be supported by EduCo regional managers based in areas where the agents operate. They can also have access to marketing aids that can help them in their role. In addition, they can avail of the EduCo Online Learning tool to further deepen their knowledge of the institutions that they are promoting and utilise the EduCo Course Finder to compare courses and fees.

Key takeaway

The end-goal of all these networking activities is, of course, to grow the student enrolment for each study destination. However, education providers and their agent partners understand that at the end of the day, they will be rated based on how satisfied their students are and how they’ve provided the best student experience that future graduates and professionals will always remember about their global education.

Canada teams in South Asia

Here are some of the agents who joined the region-based Canada teams in this month’s events.

22 January — Dhaka, Bangladesh

24-25 January — Lahore, Pakistan

24-25 January — Karachi, Pakistan

27-28 January — Kathmandu, Nepal