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Getting around Dublin like a local

International students who work and live in Dublin can get around the city like any other local by learning about what local residents know by heart.
Two of our partner institutions in Ireland – Dublin City University and Dublin Institute of Technology – are located in this cosmopolitan city. The third is Maynooth University, Ireland’s only university town which is located 26 kilometers from the city centre and is accessible by train, bus, car or taxi. When traveling to and from Maynooth, students can compare their options here.
Locals know the nooks and crannies of their city by heart and as such international students can learn this by equipping themselves with location maps of police stations, markets, shopping centres, dining places of different price ranges, their respective university, on-campus and off-campus accommodation options, pubs and bars where other students go to relax and socialise especially on weekends.
They can also download local apps which can be their best friend when it comes to finding the cheapest transport option, dining options, safe parks and destinations for sightseeing and picnics, popular places where locals usually go to on a sunny day, weather updates, upcoming events that are important to locals and places to see outside of Dublin.

Popular apps to download

“Locals are a friendly people and if you’re out in the street looking at a map, they will approach to help you out,” says Jacob Kestner, managing director of EduCo Ireland, who is in charge of facilitating the entry of international students to our Irish partner institutions Dublin City University, Dublin Institute of Technology and Maynooth University.
It’s also handy for students to download apps into their Android or iOS devices. These apps that can help them get around their new surroundings with the confidence of a local: Dublin Bus for all bus routes, stops, timetable and GPS to the nearest bus station including route planner and fare calculator; Leap App for the use of the Leap Card as most cost-efficient way of commuting and saves users 31% lower price compared with a single purchase cash ticket; Irish Rail (larnrod Eireann) for information on all train stations, timetables and journey planner; Dublin Bike2Go for information on bike rentals, stations and availability; and Transport for Ireland which integrates all means of transport including timetables and journey planners in real time with apps like Leap Top-Up, Journey Planner, Real Time, Driver Check and Cycle Planner which can be downloaded on Google Play and App Store except for Leap Top-Up which is only available on android phones.
Other popular apps and websites include Discovery Trails for a free walking tour of Dublin’s historic past; Uber/Hailo for ordering a taxi and tracking its progress; Groupon for cheap eats and discounted meal deals.   For finding a place to live, there’s (iOS devices only), Rent, My Home, FindAHome and Scandik Property Services.